Earlier today, Stats Canada released the latest data for population growth across the country. And, it covers the first half of last year, including the impact of COVID-19. Curious about how Canada changed between July 2019 and July 2020? Keep reading!

Expectedly, population growth in metropolitan areas slowed down in 2020, at 1.3% compared to 1.7% the year before. So, Canada’s population is still growing, but 2020 was definitely a cooldown year for us. Plus, the trend of urbanization is continuing, since rural areas only grew by 0.6%.

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We will say we’re a little surprised that none of the Vancouver suburbs made it into the top 5, considering the explosion of house prices over the last year. Meanwhile, Montreal and Toronto both experienced record losses in people moving around the province. Although, they still ended the year with more residents.

Well, we’re not going to take this data as-is. It’s been a crazy time after all, and pretty much every study reflects that. Still pretty fun to look though, no?

To check out the full report on Canada’s population growth in 2019/2020, just click here!