We’ve probably watched more movies this year than any other in our entire lives, and we were nerdy kids without that many friends in Grade 8, for reference. So, it’s time to take a break from exploring the furthest reaches of Netflix, and instead, check out TIFF’s list of the best Canadian films in 2020.

This year, there are actually 20 films listed, split between feature-length and short films. And, reading the synopses, we’re kicking ourselves for not watching at least a couple of them. From poignant and powerful book adaptations to sci-fi and historical drama, there’s no shortage of options to check out.

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Here’s the feature-length list in full:

Top Ten Canadian Features

Beans – Tracey Deer (Quebec/Ontario)

Fauna – Nicolás Pereda (Ontario)

Funny Boy – Deepa Mehta (Ontario)

Inconvenient Indian – Michelle Latimer (Ontario)

Judy Versus Capitalism – Mike Hoolboom (Ontario)

The Kid Detective – Evan Morgan (Ontario) (used for feature image)

Nadia, Butterfly – Pascal Plante (Quebec)

The Nest – Sean Durkin (Ontario)

No Ordinary Man – Aisling Chin-Yee, Chase Joynt (Quebec)

Possessor – Brandon Cronenberg (Ontario)

Some of the more cinema-savvy might recognize a few things on this list. Like how Funny Boy was Canada’s official pick for the Academy Awards this year. Or, the last name Cronenberg might ring a bell (and yes, it is the son of the iconic director).

But, we can’t really do these films justice in a sentence or two. So, we suggest heading over to the TIFF website to check out the full list of the best Canadian films in 2020. Better yet, pick one and stream it this weekend!