It feels like we’ve had so many spectacular full moons and supermoons this year and that time is slowly coming to a close. The Strawberry Moon which takes place this Thursday (today) is the last supermoon of 2021. So if you haven’t taken the chance to gaze at the moon this year, now is the time.

In case you didn’t know, supermoons get their name because they happen when the moon comes closest to earth. And this week’s moon gets its cute name from the fact that right now is peak strawberry season. It’s the perfect symbol of warmer months and watching it is a great way to kick off the official start to summer if you ask us.

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The great thing about this moon is that you’re going to have literally all night to watch it. The full moon will rise at 9:46 pm on Thursday in Washington and will set at 4:50 am on Friday morning. If you’re really feeling it, you could literally just stay up all night and stare at the moon. But we get that, that might not be for everyone.

We hope that you guys get out there and take a peek at the moon. It’ll only take a few seconds max, maybe minutes out of your day and it’ll probably be pretty dang cool. And it’s the last supermoon of the year, don’t forget that. If you want more moon data you can click here.