Alright folks, we’re embarking on an adventure this summer and you’re coming along. If you’re anything like us and thinking about hot days brings memories of rum-filled cocktails, then you’re probably already familiar with the OG black spiced rum brand, The Kraken®. And now, they’ve taken the “gold standard” of rum to a whole new high- put your hands together for The Kraken® Gold Spiced Rum.

Known for its rich and smooth Black Spiced Rum, The Kraken® has finally ventured into the gold spiced rum category. The new rum was released this April and is already a major hit with cocktail lovers and rum admirers alike.

In fact, they even conducted a third-party double-blind test with The Kraken® Gold Spiced Rum and a top gold rum brand. And more than 70% of participants preferred the former and confirmed that it had a “superior taste” and a “smooth finish.”1

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And talking of superior taste and smooth finish, here’s what you can expect from The Kraken® Gold Spiced Rum. On the nose, it reveals a sweet brown medley of caramel, oak, and banana bread. On the palette, you can taste flavours of molasses and dark spice fade into caramelized sugar, with a slight finish of toasted oak and vanilla. And of course, it has a smooth AF finish too.


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Doing one better, the folks at The Kraken® Rum have also gone ahead and shared some seriously cool and no-fuss cocktail recipes. So, you spend less time hunting for recipes and more time having fun. You can check out their “drinks from the deep” on this website for cocktail recipes for every taste & occasion.

Frankly, whether you want to sip it neat, on the rocks or give it a fun mixology spin, The Kraken® Gold Spiced Rum is THE summer spirit to beat the heat. So, do yourself a solid and stock your summer bar with a two-eyed bottle.

It is now available at liquor stores Canada-wide.

Cheers folks!


*The Kraken® Gold Spiced Rum. Rum with Natural Flavours and Caramel Colour. 35% alc./vol. ©2023 Kraken Rum Co., Jersey City, NJ, Like the deepest sea, The Kraken® should be treated with great respect and responsibility.

1Taste-tests were conducted in April 2022 by TasteMakers Research Group in a blind study.