Comedy fans, hold onto your hats. Vancouver might be getting its own version of The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival this summer. And if all goes well, the festival could be held at Stanley Park! Let’s get into the details.

Currently taking place across Canada with events slated for Halifax, Calgary, and Edmonton, we think it’s only fair that Vancouver (or at least BC) gets something similar. Especially when names like Jerry Seinfeld, Jonathan Van Ness, Bill Burr, and Andrew Schulz are in the mix.

While Vancouver’s event would likely feature a different lineup of comedians, we can only imagine who would take the stage at a massive new event like this one.

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So, what needs to happen to make Vancouver’s own outdoor comedy fest a reality? Well, the Vancouver Park Board needs to approve its location, for starters.

Vancouver Park Board report

According to the report & proposal, entertainment group Trixstar LIVE has requested to use Stanley Park’s Brockton Fields to host the event on the weekend of September 15th to 17th.

The report states The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival is a three-day comedy event that began in Edmonton in 2021. This year, organizers want to expand to five new cities, including Vancouver and Kelowna.

Tickets for the Vancouver event would be 19+, and priced between $69 to $399 per person.

“Large scale special events activate public spaces, foster community connectedness, and provide enriching cultural experiences,” states the report in its conclusion. “The Great Outdoors Comedy Festival event represents a unique opportunity to showcase a diverse, inclusive and safe experience that celebrates and features all forms of performance comedy from local acts to headline talent. This three-day festival is part of a five-city coast-to-coast tour and a welcome return of live events to Stanley Park with a new and marquis event for the city.”

Note that the report also includes an application for a Special Event Permit to serve alcohol across the three days of the event, with a maximum capacity of 10,000 guests daily.

The Vancouver Park Board will make their final decision on Monday, March 27th, during their next board committee meeting – so stay tuned until then!