Dear Mom, we’re sorry for that one time we broke the arm of the sofa by jumping from the couch to the coffee table. We’re also sorry for breaking the coffee table… At least Netflix got something out of it! The streaming service announced this week that they’ll be releasing a show inspired by the destructive game millennials know all too well as “The Floor is Lava!”

Netflix didn’t say too much more about the show in their tweet, but if you’re familiar with the game, the concept should be pretty clear. The show will be played in teams, and the teams must navigate the floor… which is “lava.”

We’re not sure what they’ll be playing for, or how the teams will win the game, but man, our inner child is LIVING.

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We can hardly wait. If you know, then you know. This game was as fun as it got when we had to play inside and despite all the trouble we got into playing a mean game of FIL with our friends, it still has a special place in our hearts.

The ‘Floor is Lava’ will debut on Netflix on June 19th, and we absolutely will be watching.