You might not recognize the name Mike Flanagan, but we can almost guarantee you know of his work. Over the past few years, Flanagan has become a top name in both the film and TV worlds, directing everything from Gerald’s Game to his most recent work, Midnight Mass.

One thing Flanagan keeps coming back to is the work of another horror icon, Stephen King. In fact, he was the one to adapt King’s novel Doctor Sleep for the big screen, following none other than Danny Torrance as an adult. And yes, this means Flanagan tackled a sequel to one of the most influential horror films of all time- The Shining.

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So, finding out that he’s not only coming to Vancouver, but hosting a double-bill of The Shining and Doctor Sleep was music to our ears. Somehow, the Rio Theatre has managed to land this event, which will have Flanagan introducing the films, talking about the process of adapting King’s work, and even hosting a Q+A session afterwards!

Vancouver is Hollywood north, after all, so we think more than a few of our readers might be interested in checking this out! We know we sure are. For more information, hit the link below.

The SHiNiNG + Doctor Sleep Double Feature (Ft. Mike Flanagan!)

When: Friday, December 17th
Where: 1660 E Broadway
Cost: $22