Calling all foodies, we’ve got a new spot for ya, so listen up. From cake shops to pie stops, Calgary has an insane dessert scene. To be honest, we thought we had it all, but turns out- something seriously tasty was missing. Enter, Halo Churros, a new YYC spot we didn’t even know we needed.

And now that it’s in our lives, we’re pretty sure we can’t live without it!  

What first started with a single churro truck in Northern Alberta rapidly became a cult favourite and is now blessing our souls with its first storefront!  

Located in Marda Loop, Halo Churros is the first churreria-inspired spot in Calgary. And now they are bringing the city a selection of authentically-made churros like you’ve never had before. Seriously folks, these are not your average churros! 

halo churros
Photos via Curiocity

Serving up everything from churro sundaes to churro sandwiches to gourmet sweet & savoury churro ‘tacos’, the lineup is absolutely to die for. 

So whether you’re snacking on the Thunder Crunch (think crispy chicken burger but with a crunchy churro bun) or the Gourmet Maple Churro (think churro “taco” topped with cream cheese, peaches, almonds & maple syrup) you pretty much can’t go wrong. 

And you know what they say, don’t you? When you can’t make up your mind, you’ve just gotta try ‘em all! 

Every churro is hand-crafted in-store to make sure it’s crispy, golden and freshly prepared. In case you’re having a little sugar overdose there, the house has your back! 

These guys really thought of everything to keep you hooked. On top being an amazing Spanish style churreria, Halo Churros doubles up as a cafe and bistro. That means they’ve got a full list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, depending on your mood. 

Wine, cocktails, signature coffees, sodas, selections from the bartender, you name it! Check out the full drink menu here. 

halo churros
Photos via Curiocity

The interior is fun and vibrant, it’s perfect for brunch or an afternoon snack, or hey- even if you’ve got the night-time munchies ‘cause it’s open ‘til 10PM. Tuesday to Sunday. 

Anyways, we love anywhere that feeds us tasty eats this good, and we can’t wait for y’all to try. We’ll catch ya there! 


Where: 3519 14 St SW Unit 105, Calgary, AB T2T 3W2