After years of thinking about a name change, the Quebec town of Asbestos has unveiled four potential options, and one of them is Jeffrey. That might qualify as one of the weirdest town name swaps in history, but there’s a reason for it. Here’s the scoop!

The town decided to change its name last November, and then the whole global pandemic thing pushed that to the backburner. But on Monday, the town announced a shortlist of four names: Apalone, Jeffrey, Pheonix, and Trois-Lacs.

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Apalone refers to a kind of turtle, while Pheonix (Phénix) is a nod to the mythical bird and its ability to be reborn (sneaky). Meanwhile, Trois-Lacs is just a classic reference for the area around the town. It’s straightforward, so that’s a nice option for the more conservative voters.

But, we’re putting our money on Jeffrey. Not only does it reference the now-shuttered mine in the area, but it was also the name of the original founder of the mine. It’s a good way to celebrate the town’s history without, you know, literally being named Asbestos.

Plus, we know that the slime king himself, Young Thug, would approve of the name. Who doesn’t love a good pop culture reference in random settings?