Living large? No thanks! We’re all about making the most of small, cozy spaces.

Whether you’re a minimalist by choice or live downtown where space is at a premium, the era of big, chunky furniture has passed. 

Gone are the hulking sofa sets of your grandparents’ living room. Goodbye to matching bedroom furniture – who has that kind of room anyway? Oh, and hidden storage is an absolute must.

The Brick understood the assignment, and they’ve been dropping some total game-changers for small spaces.

We’ve rounded up 5 must-haves for living small – and making the most of it.

5 Must-Haves For Small Spaces

Sectional Sofa with Storage

The Brick

Your sofa is your biggest space hog, so it might as well work double duty – or triple duty! Movie nights with friends, cozy evenings, and impromptu overnight guests—all in one snug corner! 

This sectional has ample seating and built-in storage for stashing extra blankets and pillows. You can even transform it into a comfy guest bed for when your friend needs to crash.

Modular Furniture

The Brick

Speaking of sofas, one that you can break apart and reconfigure is great for making the most of your space (and getting it through the door). 

The Blok series is sleek, simple, and comes in multiple configurations and sizes to suit any space. It’s the perfect backdrop no matter your personal style – so feel free to go crazy with some decorative cushions!

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Storage Bed

The Brick

You don’t have to worry about monsters under the bed – there’s no room because it’s all storage! 

A storage bed is a total must for small spaces, and the Brick has a ton of style options, from classic to cozy, to modern – and they’ll match any nightstand… or lack thereof. 

A Slim Dining Set

The Brick

Everyone has to eat! But if you’re working with a small space, you probably don’t want your dining table to take up a lot of space. 

This trim and trendy circular table is easy to fit into any layout without feeling crowded, while still hosting your closest friends. It’s pretty cute to look at too!

Storage Coffee Table

The Brick

You need somewhere to hide all that living room clutter when your parents stop by unannounced! Tuck away remotes, books, coasters, or whatever else you’ve got lying around, while also having a comfy spot to prop your feet.

Turns out, whether your style aesthetic is Scandi, classic, MCM, or modern, there’s still a way to sneak in some extra storage.

Oscar Desk

The Brick

This last one is for remote workers! This modern little desk fits into any space and has a stack of drawers for all of bits and bobs – how cool is that?

Inspired to do a little redecorating?