Last week, we let you know that AriZona Hard was releasing bikes at the insane price of a mere 99¢. Well, that day has come, and we’re just minutes away from the official release! Here’s a quick recap:

The offer is basically to celebrate two new flavours of AriZona Hard Iced Tea, which are Lemon and Peach. Fittingly, there are 3 bikes being released, for those flavours and the OG Green Tea. Even better- they’ll be done in the classic designs and colourways that have made AriZona famous.

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Well, of course, the colours and the price. At just 99¢ a pop, these are by far the cheapest bikes you’ll be able to purchase new. Even more so because AriZona Hard confirmed that it would be free shipping to eligible provinces.

There are a couple of things to note, though. First off, you have to be of legal drinking age in your province to get it. Second, the offer is only for residents of BC, AB, MB, SK and ON, and can’t be shipped to a P.O. Box. We doubt we have any readers from the Yukon, but we’re just covering the bases here.

The bikes will be released on Tuesday, July 13th at 1 PM Eastern Time on the AriZona Hard website. Get ready folks, because we have a feeling these will sell like hotcakes!