Pending the release of their new TV series High School, Calgary-born duo Tegan and Sara have been honoured by the city in an unusually fitting way,

According to a recent press release, Calgary Transit has temporarily renamed their route 19 bus ‘Crybaby,’ after their upcoming album which debuts on October 21st, 2022.

For those unfamiliar with the route – this coach runs along 16th Avenue NW, which is not far from Crescent Heights where the pair went to school.

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In fact, it was this bus, in particular, that they would take every morning to get there.

“We started taking public transit in Junior High, and by the time we were in High School, we knew the city routes like the back of our hand. One of the most important routes was the 19 (call me!) and it is a great honour that @calgarytransit let us rename it CRYBABY for the next few weeks to help celebrate the release of our new album #crybaby and our new TV show, High School,” they wrote on Instagram.

“The bus was a respite from the bitter cold winters, it was a place to socialize with our friends, to zone out and listen to music and sometimes an intimidating world of social hierarchies. We still don’t drive, and transit remains a significant part of our lives.”

Photo via City of Calgary

If you’d like to take the Crybaby route, the city will bear the album’s name starting on the 14th – which happens to also be the premiere date for their new show in the US.

For those of you who are interested in catching Tegan and Sara’s Calgary-shot series here in Canada, however – all 8 episodes will be available on Prime Video on October 28th, 2022, so check it out and enjoy!