To our dismay, there’s still snow on the ground, but it’s not all bad. While the thick of the season may be getting some Albertans down, Banff’s Mt. Norquay Ski Resort is hoping to pick you back up with their new and improved fast-flying tube lanes – the longest in the province!

Located about an hour and a half outside of Calgary (or about 4 hours from Edmonton), Norquay makes for a dynamo day-trip for families, friends and adrenaline junkies looking to put the WIN back into winter.

While they’re best known for their skiing, it’s what you can’t do without a pole that’ll really get your hearts racing!

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Morning, noon or even after dark, and no matter your level of experience manning an inflatable donut, Norquay’s crazy tubing lanes are renowned for being some of the best in the province; and in 2022 they’re bigger and better than ever.

This year, they’re celebrating the grand opening of their one-of-a-kind ‘Rollercoaster’ (seen above) which can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 4 as long as they’re ready to rip.

From top to bottom, riders will be flung around corners, over humps and across sheets of snow all in the name of speed, air and fun – and believe us when we say, there’s nothing else like it!

Interested? Tickets range from $29 to $42 and will give you 2 hours and 30 minutes on the hill, which is more than enough time to hit the hill several times over – but remember the last one to the bottom is a rotten egg… and the rotten egg usually buys drinks at the clubhouse afterwards, so don’t be shy to really put your weight into it!

Goodluck and have fun!


Where: #2 Mt Norquay Rd, Banff
Instagram: @mtnorquay