While summer may be coming to a close, there’s still time to head to your local swimming hole. Generally, they’re not quite as packed as your local pool and it’s a chance to get outside and be in nature. With that in mind, here are 10 of the best swimming holes you can visit in Washington State.

Dougan Falls


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Dougan Fall is located on the Washougal River, easily spotted from multiple roadside vistas. The falls have a deep blue pool beneath them perfect for taking a tip on a hot summer day. Keep in mind, that they can get pretty busy so a week-day trip might be your best bet.

Where: Skamania County, Washington

Rocky Brook Falls


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Want a big reward after a short walk? Well, Rocky Brook Falls isn’t a true hike but just that, a walk of about 200 yards to beautiful horsetail falls. Not only that but you can swim in the basin of the falls for a truly majestic experience.

Where: Hood Canal, Washington

Whatcom Falls Park


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Whatcom Falls Park is a beautiful place to spend a day for both the winding forested trails and of course the falls themselves. You’ll also find a beautifully built WPA bridge. Of course, the main attraction here in the summer is the swimming holes located along the river.

Where: Bellingham, Washington

Denny Creek


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After the second crossing of Denny Creek, you’ll find the beginning of the waterslide rocks. These rocks are smooth and perfectly situated to slide down. Not only that but there are tons of little swimming holes situated around the creek. So slide (safely) to your heart’s content and then chill out in one of the pools.

Where: Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

Battle Ground Lake State Park


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If you’re looking for a lake experience, Battle Ground Lake State Park might just be for you. The spring-fed lake is perfect for swimming in the summer and you can also enjoy the luxury of being able to camp on the grounds.

Where: Battle Ground, Washington

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Boulder Beach


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If you’re planning a trip to Spokane then a trip to Boulder Beach is in order. It’s located just east of downtown Spokane on the north bank of the Spokane River. You can relax on the shore and when you’re ready, hop in for a dip.

Where: Spokane, Washington

Franklin Falls


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If you want to be impressed while enjoying your dip then consider heading to Franklin Falls. There’s no need to go far for waterfalls around Seattle. This impressive waterfall is located just an hour outside of the city. And while it’s a very popular spot it’s absolutely worth visiting.

Where: Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

Blue Swimming Hole Area


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As we’re sure you know, Mount Rainier is a big park, so your options for swimming here are also pretty diverse. That being said, the Ohanapecosh River’s blue hole is a great place for summer swimming. It’s a deep, calm pool where the canyon’s rocks lean from all sides.

Where: Mount Rainier National Park

Lower Lewis River Falls


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If you want to take a hike or have a swim along your hike, Lower Lewis River Falls is a great choice, the 13.8-km out-and-back trail near Cougar, Washington has a great swimming hole along it that happens to be situated below a beautiful waterfall. Keep in mind that Lewis River now requires a reservation at key popular swimming sites during peak season. Reservations must be made beforehand and cannot be obtained on-site.

Where: Cougar, Washington

Lake Serene


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While popular, Lake Serene is just that, perfectly serene. It’s located below Mt. Index and gives hikers a chance to cool off in the chilly water. You can also picnic in the area and check out the nearby Bridal Veil Falls.

Where: Stevens Pass

Before embarking on your journey to the destinations above, we kindly advise you to review and assess the potential and risk of wildfires through the National Park Service or Washington State Parks.

Stay safe and happy swimming!