Are you dreaming about a getaway but don’t want to leave the city? Yeah, us too. Which is why we’re pumped about this incredible Airbnb. The cabin in the city offers gorgeous nature vibes while, believe it or not, remaining in Toronto. You don’t have to go far to access this beautiful oasis.


cabin in the city

No, seriously. This spot is right in the city. It’s located in the lovely Rouge Valley Park, which is about a 30-minute drive from downtown. Along with the gorgeous surrounding nature that the park provides, you’re also crazy close to wonderful attractions like the Toronto Zoo and tons of restaurants. This spot is even TTC accessible! How crazy is that?

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cabin in the city

Of course, once you’re here you’ll get to enjoy all the cozy, rustic vibes the place is offering. Is it just us or does this decor look like it could have been pulled right from Pinterest?

It probably looks so good because it was custom-built and designed by Red River Designs. They’ve perfectly captured the feel of a relaxing and tranquil experience. Ugh, just imagine sipping your morning coffee watching nature unfold through that gorgeous circle window.

cabin in the city

The glamping experience at this cabin in the city comes will all the essentials. The spot is stacked with your basics like towels, bedsheets, linens, and cooking tools. However, there is no wifi at the spot. Hey – perfect for really unplugging from the real world, right?

Of course, you are going full nature mode when you stay here – the spot has no refrigerator, running water, or power. Good thing you’ve got that indoor fireplace to keep you cozy and warm!

cabin in the citycabin in the city

Outside the cabin, you’ll find a few extra perks. If you get sick of cooking with the spot’s gorgeous wood stove, you can alternate with the outdoor fire pit or BBQ. While you’re out there, be sure to explore the multitude of beautiful surrounding trails.

If you ask us, this spot is the perfect way to ring in the spring. If you don’t mind us, we’ll be booking a weekend at the cabin in the city Airbnb ASAP.


Where: Toronto, Ontario