A Surrey homeowner got the surprise of a lifetime this week when a car crashed through their fence and drove directly into their swimming pool. Thanks to their quick thinking and the actions of Surrey RCMP, the incident ended positively. But it could have been much worse considering who was inside.

According to a statement from Surrey RCMP, Cst. Gonpo responded to a single-vehicle accident involving someone who lost control of their car. The preliminary report indicated that after losing control of the car, it went through a fence and into the homeowner’s pool. The car quickly submerged which was made even more terrifying because the occupants were an elderly couple.

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Photo via Surrey RCMP

Luckily, Cst. Gonpo arrived within a few minutes and immediately jumped into the pool to help remove the two occupants. There were no obvious injuries but the elderly couple was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. And later on, the vehicle was extracted from the pool.

What a happy ending for something that could have been so much more serious. Keep your eyes on the road, folks!