Hold on to your hats! Or your jumpsuits, we guess. Today, Netflix announced that it is creating a relatively true to form version of Squid Game, seemingly learning nothing from the point of the original series. But hey, we can’t deny that they’re going all out on the entertainment factor.

Much like the series, the new reality competition, called Squid Game: The Challenge, will bring together 456 people for a grand prize of $4.56 million USD. In addition to being ‘The Biggest Netflix Show Ever”, The Challenge will also have the largest grand prize in history for the winner. Pretty wild stuff, honestly.

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Casting for the new, real-life Squid Game on Netflix is now open worldwide, with a requirement that applicants be capable of speaking English. The series will apparently feature games inspired by the original show, and also a few new ones for extra measure. Don’t worry if you’re thinking of applying- the punishment for losing won’t be death here, just going home empty handed.

Is it ironic considering the ethical issues presented in the first season? Of course. Is that going to stop us from checking out at least a few of the episodes for ourselves? Probably not. If you want to go that extra step, and be one of the people actually competing, then head here to apply.

Best of luck?