Ah, the classic bar within a bar idea. A time-honored tradition, and one done extremely well at Needle and Thread. This speakeasy located above the already popular Tavern Law is a great late night date spot. Here’s a quick look at what to do at one of Seattle’s most low-key speakeasies.

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First things first, let’s get into the bar. You’re not going to be able to enjoy Needle and Thread if you can’t thread your own needle into the place.

The only real strategy is to make reservations ahead of time on their website. Then, put on your best late-night duds. Men, wax your mustaches (if you’ve got one). Ladies, plump those eyelashes (if you’ve got two).

When you’re ready, head to the back of Tavern Law, pick up the telephone, provide the password (from your reservation) and enter through a bank vault.


Once you’re in, you might be surprised to find out that there’s no menu. Instead, the bartender will figure out your taste preferences and craft one for you from memory. A great approach, just so long as you know what you’re feeling for that night.

If you don’t want to fully pretend like it’s the prohibition, then you can always just grab something from Tavern Law instead. An extensive cocktail list and great American food mean you can’t go wrong either way.

Needle and Thread

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 5PM-1AM and Sunday, 5PM-12AM