From a lack of flying cars to the impossibility of time travel, the future certainly isn’t as the Jetsons predicted – but that’s not to say we haven’t made any advancements. Not only do we have iPhones and Facetime, but Calgary has an up-and-coming restaurant where a robot will make you dinner!

A concept straight out of a science fiction movie, Space Robo Chicken will have mechanical chefs that occupy the kitchen – though it’s unclear if they’ll be working solo or alongside their human counterparts.

From signature items like their drumsticks, thighs and wings – the aptly named eatery will have a wide variety of sides including fries, salads and rice – as well as beefy bites like bulgogi and teriyaki burgers.

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This of course is expected to expand over time, but we’re happy with a menu that consists largely of Korean fried deliciousness.

As always, we’ll keep you all updated as more information comes to light -but it won’t be long.

Space Robo Chicken will reportedly open in mid-July, though an official date has yet to be released!


When: Mid-July 2022
Where: 118-6008 Macleod Trail Southwest, Calgary