It looks like the wintry weather we’ve experienced this week is far from over. Forecasters are calling for a lot more snow in Toronto this week and conditions will be messy.

We started the work week with a nasty storm, and it looks like we will end with one too.

The Weather Network is predicting a “high impact storm to end this week.”

“Forecasters are already eyeing another messy system with high snowfall totals expected for southern Ontario Friday and into the weekend,” says The Weather Network.

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Photo via The Weather Network

“Warm air to the south continues to fight back on Arctic air attempting to descend, spawning a stormy corridor the entire week,” says the weather outlet, calling it a “wintry mess.”

According to the current forecast, Toronto will be hit with approximately 15 cm of snow on Friday, March 3rd.

Snow will continue to accumulate throughout the weekend and into next week.

Around 5 cm of snow in Toronto is expected on Monday, March 6th, and around 2 to 4 cm on Tuesday.

If the current forecast proves to be correct, that means we could get a total of 27 cm within a single week.

With only a few weeks left of winter, it looks like the season is not going down without a fight.

As for what March has in store, we can only hope that the early signs of spring that Wiarton Willie the groundhog predicted will finally start to show.

One thing’s for sure — this winter has been snow joke!