Tired of feeling tired? Then, it may be time to upgrade your sleep setup. 

If you’re constantly tossing and turning, a new mattress, pillow or bedding essentials may be what you need! No one feels good after a bad night’s sleep, but you may not realize how much sleep impacts your life…

  • Physical Health: Sleep is essential for our bodies to repair. Quality sleep boosts our immune system, reduces inflammation, and maintains cardiovascular health.
  • Mental Health: Lack of sleep can increase stress, anxiety, and depression. Getting plenty of sleep helps improve mood and overall well-being.
  • Productivity: Being well-rested makes it easier to stay alert and focused. This means increased productivity and better performance at work or school.


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So, you get it. Sleep is important. But if you’re uncomfortable, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why your mattress, pillows, and bedding essentials can make such a big difference!

Luckily, Sleep Country is your one-stop shop for all your sleep essentials. They are Canada’s leading sleep retailer for a reason, after all. And good news: Sleep Country is opening a brand new store in Ottawa on Saturday, October 28th!

The new location is on Richmond Road between Kirkwood & Island Park. This store will be stocked with a wide selection of mattresses, pillows, and other bedding essentials. The Sleep Experts on-site will assess your unique sleep needs to help you discover YOUR best sleep. 

Ready to stop counting sheep? Stop by Sleep Country’s new store in Ottawa on Richmond Road to upgrade your bedtime routine.


When: Saturday, October 28, 2023

Where: 421 Richmond Road, Ottawa