Honestly, we never quite bought into the whole “Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet” ideology; never until Section23 Developments made us rethink the whole concept.

Section23 Developments, as you might already know, is a boutique real estate developer that specializes in residential designs, land development and housing and it’s ready to showcase its prodigy project, Rangeview, to the public. Here’s where patience factors into the equation− the project that finally broke ground last year and is ready for its first set of homeowners and has been in the making for almost a century, 98 years to be precise. That’s how long the Ollerenshaw family has owned the land across which the Rangeview community is planned.


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The community will soon open its first two home styles (more will soon follow suit), laned homes from the high 300s and front garage homes starting from the 500s. 

Coming to the ‘sweet fruit’ bit of it, Rangeview is Calgary’s first-ever garden-to-table community. Robert Ollerenshaw, the founder and executive chairman of Section23, decided it was time to channel the province’s agricultural roots into an urban community marking the dawn of agricultural urbanism in the province.

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Now, what exactly does a garden-to-table community mean? Well, it means the community embraces agricultural urbanism to ensure economic and environmental sustainability. It does so by giving you ample green cover in the form of vegetable gardens, kitchen gardens, orchards, parks, etc. amidst the Canadian farmhouse-inspired, amenity-rich houses.

Its unique garden-to-table lifestyle isn’t the only thing that impressed us, we were just as impressed by the idea of bringing the best of both worlds together, the small-town charm and modern convenience (think shops, restaurants, a theatre, etc.).

To further enhance the modern small-town vibe of the community there will be seasonal markets, festivals and events encouraging  residents to come together. Not to mention a full calendar of educational programs giving residents the chance to connect with one another and the land while learning and celebrating food production and gardening.


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Given that we pride ourselves on being the Stampede City, it’s surprising it took us this long to return to our roots, especially since a sustainable community is the need of the hour. And we thank you Section23, for adding a new leaf, quite a green one to that, to Calgary’s urbanscape.

Homebuyer or not, this pioneer project of modern urbanism is definitely worth checking out. But while we wait for that to happen, check out their website here for more info on the Rangeview community.