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Here are 8 things to do in Seattle this week (October 12-16)

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How are you all feeling after that weekend, folks? We hope you’re feeling rested and ready to take on a new week. And if you need a little boost, we’re here as always to give you guys a few things to do this week, because variety is the spice of life, after all! So here are 8 things to do in Seattle this week.

Say goodbye to the Elephant Car Wash

Sad news, we know. But we highly recommend you drive or walk by the Elephant Super Car Wash one last time before it’s gone forever. After all, this spot is truly a piece of Seattle history and we’ll miss it dearly. So go snap a pic one last time, for the memories.

Where: 2763 4th Ave S

Eat at Chef Edouardo Jordan’s Dicks’ Drive-In event

Our local and beloved Chef Edouardo Jordan is taking over Dick’s Drive-In for a limited time only. And that means you can enjoy your favorite takeout spot with some new and inventive flavors. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one because it’s the tastiest event in Seattle this October.

When: October 16-18
Where: 500 Queen Anne Ave N
Cost: $60 per person

Celebrate Oktoberfest

We made a little list of places that you can celebrate Oktoberfest this year. So whether you’re in the mood to dine-in or take your festival to go, we’ve got you covered. After all, now is the time to celebrate. So treat yourself this week.

One Wild World

This three-part series from the Woodland Park Zoo details the intersections of animals, humans, and habitats during the pandemic. And while this series has started you can go back and watch the first part before catching up on the rest of the talks later this month.

When: October 8 & 15
Where: Online
Cost: Free

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Curator Tour: Fall Color in the Arboretum

We all love the beautiful fall colors our city sports. And if you’d like to learn and see a bit more you can enjoy a virtual tour of the Arboretum. You’ll learn a lot but specifically about some of the best-colored plants this beloved park has to offer.

When: October 12
Where: Online
Cost: $30

The Great Seattle Arts Adventure

This unique event is an all ages, arts-centric scavenger hunt that takes place across the city. And you can participate through the mobile app which gives you missions to complete for points. Not to mention, you might even win some prizes.

When: Through October 18
Where: Varies
Cost: Free


If you want to see some art, this art show is all about renderings of the natural world. So you can expect a show that is interactive and probably pretty different from anything you’ve seen recently. And it ends this week so you might as well go check it out!

When: Through October 17
Where: 2252 7th Ave Seattle
Cost: Free

Great American Beer Festival

If you’re all about craft beer you have to check out this online edition of the Great American Beer Festival. And on October 16 & 17 you can partake in some fun online activities. So get your beer passport and have fun at this unique festival.

When: Through October 18
Where: Online
Cost: $20

Well, folks, that’s what there is to do in Seattle this week. We hope that you get out there and check out a few of these events. And be sure to read up on the new COVID-19 regulations if you haven’t already. But either way, make sure to wear those masks and keep up on the social distance. Have fun out there!