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8 things to do at home this weekend in Seattle (March 27-29)

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Hello, Seattle! Welcome to another roundup of the best things to do in the city this weekend. If you haven’t already discovered, these past few weeks have been extra fun for us. Why? Well, without our regularly scheduled programming, our picks can get weird.

Here are 8 things to do this weekend in Seattle.

Learn how to be happy

Easier said than done, right? Well, Yale has made its most popular course free to the public and it’s called “The Science of Well-Being”, so maybe you’ve got a shot!

Pretend to be a National Geographic Adventurer

Do you know that Nat Geo actually has ‘adventurers and explorers’ on their payroll? While we wait for our job offer, we’re going to practice online using a pretty fun little Google Earth feature, which allows us to see some of the world’s best wildlife habitats.

Satisfy your late night cravings

Earlier this week, we wrote a guide to some off our favourite Seattle spots offering late night delivery services. Well, support local business and take advantage of these spots the next time you’re hankering for pizza at 1AM. We think that frequency is only going up.

Jam out to Seattle essentials

The weekends are a hard time to not go stir-crazy right now, so why don’t you crack open a cold one and tune into some essential Seattle bands for a few hours? After all, some of the best musicians ever have come out of this town.

Take a virtual trip to Disney

The parks are closed, but our desire to hit up some rides hasn’t gone anywhere. If you’re in the same boat, hop onto some virtual POVs of Disney’s most famous rides. Turn the lights off and trust us, after a couple drinks this will feel like the real thing.

Learn from a great sage, the Tiger King

Let’s face it, one of the biggest names of 2020 is going to be Tiger King. Learn about Joe Exotic on an absolute thrill ride of a docuseries, then check out the rest of our picks. (Yes, we have great taste, we know)

Go Shopping

Each week, we’re realizing how important this is, so it’s sticking around. A lot of independent businesses are going to be under pretty intense financial stress for a while. So if you’ve got some spending money, support them. Order takeout/delivery, buy that shirt off Etsy, get a book delivered from a local store… whatever it is, your extra buck or two is more important than ever.

Have some Seattle Art Museum adventures

Stay Home with SAM gives users “art activities for all ages, videos, interviews, art news, and more to keep you connected to art”. It’s basically an online mix of art class and art history. And as more and more museums have released online collections, we’re excited to see SAM doing something different.

And that’s our roundup of the best things to do in Seattle this weekend! Make sure you’re staying safe out there first and foremost! We can provide the entertainment.

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