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8 things to do at home and around Seattle this weekend (June 26-28)

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Well, Seattle the weekend is back and it’s time to have some fun. And this weekend you might even be able to get back to doing some old favorites. Because Seattle is slowly starting to reopen. So here are 8 things to do at home and around Seattle this weekend.

Hit up Goodwill

Thrifting and Seattle go together like PB&J and that’s why we’re pumped that select Goodwill’s are open! So whether you want to shop or you have some donations, be sure to see if your local Goodwill has reopened.

#SayHerName: Protect Black Women March

As the name suggests, this march is all about protecting the lives of Black Women. And as there has yet to be a Seattle march centered on Black Women, you don’t want to miss this march. So head over to Othello Park at 2 pm on June 27th.

Check out ‘Stay Healthy Streets’

This initiative has locations all over Seattle. And chances are there’s a street near you that’s included in this program. So check out what the future of neighborhoods might look like with this super cool program from the City of Seattle.

Together for Pride

Seattle’s digital Pride starts on June 26th and you don’t want to miss it! And while it will certainly be different than the normal celebration we have a feeling the digital version will be great. So be sure to check out some of the events that Seattle Pride is putting on.

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Capitol Hill Pride March

Even though the official Pride parade has been canceled it doesn’t mean that there won’t be celebrations. So be sure to check out the Capitol Hill Pride March that will be happening this weekend. And who knows, maybe this march will be the future of Seattle Pride.

Buy a face covering

Okay, we’re pretty sure you all probably have a face mask or covering at this point. But we’re bugging you guys again because starting on Friday, June 26th you’ll have to wear one at all times outside of your house. So if you haven’t bought a face mask yet, you truly need to.

Black Like Us: Virtual Book Club

We’re all about book clubs and this book club is pretty awesome. Black Like Us is put on by the Northwest African American Museum and features work by Black authors. And this month is extra special because the book for June is Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler.

Check out A Virtual Affair

This super cool event is happening all weekend long on Instagram. And you can hear from local vintage collectors and also shop some live drops of one of a kind vintage pieces. So head over to Instagram to learn something new and maybe snag some sweet vintage pieces.

Okay, folks, we hope this list of things to do in Seattle this weekend gives you some ideas. And while the weather has been nice and people have been out more we would like to remind you that COVID is still very much a thing. So wear your masks (it’s now required) and stay 6 feet away from others. We know you can do it and have a great weekend!