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8 things to do at home and around Seattle this week (August 3-7)

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Well, folks its another week in the beautiful PNW. And we’re happy to say we’re seeing more and more online experiences popping up that you can do safely at home. So with that in mind here are 8 things to do in and around Seattle this week.

Explore a virtual planetarium

The Pacific Science Center is getting pretty creative these days. And now you can enjoy a virtual trip into our solar system from the comfort of your own home. So whether you just want to see something new or learn about recent space discoveries, this is absolutely worth checking out.

When: August 5
Where: Online
Cost: Free/ $10 suggested donation

Learn chair yoga

Chances are a lot of you are working from home. And that means most of us are probably just sitting around most of the day. But it’s really important that we all take breaks to stretch and move. So consider taking this online class that will teach you chair yoga that can be done at home or at the office.

When: August 5
Where: Online
Cost: $5-$10

Take Houseplants (101)

Maybe you have a green thumb or maybe you can’t seem to keep any plant alive. Whatever the case may be, you should check out this online course which details the care and health of houseplants. Because having plant babies is pretty common these days.

When: August 6
Where: Online
Cost: $15

Learn about starting a fall and winter garden

Having a home garden has become a lot more popular during quarantine. Whether it’s as a hobby or for affordability, we think its a great idea. And if you’re interested in what you can grow during the fall and winter then you should definitely check out this online class.

When: August 6
Where: Online
Cost: $30

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Do the Virtual Seafair Triathalon

If you want to get really active this week you can check out the virtual Seafair Triathalon. And if you’ve never done a triathlon before this is actually a great way to start. Because you can complete the race on your own time at your own pace which means way less pressure.

When: August 7
Where: Online/Around Seattle
Cost: $60

Let SPL read to you

In case you didn’t know, you can call Seattle Public Library and be read to. Now the readings are pre-selected and done over voicemail. But it’s still a great way to hear small pieces of literature you might not otherwise hear. And the program is available in both English and Spanish.

When: Whenever
Where: Your phone
Cost: Free

Eat at Shultzy’s Pop-up Residency

Shultzy’s is an absolutely classic Seattle spot. And every week they’re setting up at Future Primitive Brewing. So if you want to enjoy a few beers and classic American eats be sure to check out this tasty event. And check back each week as there is a new menu.

When: August 8
Where: 9832 14th Ave SW
Cost: Varies

Check out Pike-Pine Summer United

Normally the Pike/Pine corridor is the place to be during the summer. And of course, there’s the Capitol Hill Block Party. So instead this year, Pike-Pine Summer United is offering you 10% off of your check at local participating businesses. Which means you can treat yourself, snag a deal, and support local businesses.

When: Through September
Where: Participating businesses
Cost: Varies

See folks, there’s a lot to be done from home. So whether you’re getting active, exploring the solar system, or starting a garden we’ve got you covered on what to do in Seattle this week. And whatever you do, have a great week!