Young people now make up about 40% of COVID-19 cases in Washington

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People like to think of Coronavirus as an older person’s illness. And this seems to make a lot of young people feel pretty invincible when it comes to the pandemic. But new data in Washington is suggesting otherwise. So young people, you might want to keep reading.

New data from COVID-19 infections in Washington from March-April show an increase of infection in 20-39-year-olds.  In fact, it’s increased from 20% to 40%. And that data also shows a declining infection rate in older folks. So what this means is that young people are very much at risk of contracting COVID-19.

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And as young people make up an increasingly larger number of cases, it’s important to make sure that people stay vigilant in following social distancing guidelines. Because as the Seattle weather gets nicer, we know everyone is going to want to be outside with their friends. And while you can do that, you need to be as safe as possible about it.

After all, we all know that people can have and spread COVID-19 with no symptoms for weeks. So if you think you’re invincible to this pandemic it’s time to check yourself. And regardless of your age we highly recommend clicking here for the study and here for current state case numbers.