You can be read to by calling the Seattle Public Library Lit Line

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Reading is great and all but sometimes it’s really relaxing to have someone read to you. And that’s where the Seattle Public library Lit Line comes in handy. Because you can ring them up at any time to hear a poem or short story read by SPL staff. And they can read to you in both English and Spanish!

We don’t know about you guys but we think that’s pretty fun. And this is a great service for those in the city that aren’t online much. For example, maybe your grandparents or even your parents would enjoy this service. And we obviously use the internet but we’d still love to call the Lit Line.

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So if you plan on giving a call just know that selections in English change every 2 days. And selections in Spanish change every 6 days. And because of this service’s reliance on voicemail, readings are not longer than 5 minutes. Which is perfect because it means you have time to listen.

If you’d like to learn more about the Seattle Public Library Lit Line you can click here or call 206-386-4656. And be sure to share with family and friends who might enjoy this service. After all, we could probably all use being read to.