A luxury pop-up hotel is opening up soon in Belltown

Via WhyHotel Baltimore

The Seattle hotel AND pop-up scenes just got a little cooler, with the announcement of WhyHotel, an alternative lodging service that operates pop-up hotels in newly built, luxury apartment buildings, coming to town.

The pop-up is expected to launch in September, so get ready to book ahead, folks! Let’s take a look at what the WhyHotel pop-up is bringing to Seattle.

Firstly, WhyHotel isn’t a traditional pop-up, nor is it a traditional hotel. According to their website, they aim to create an ultra-homey travel & stay experience for whatever guests come through their door.

That means 24/7 onsite hosting, a true sense of community, but with the quality and consistency of a hotel still remaining.


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Confused? Don’t be. It’s pretty much like a building full five-star Airbnb’s with a concierge that’s waaaay more useful than a typical hotel desk. Make sense now? Good. The rooms are all built to look and feel like real homes, so one-night-stays and extended stays both feel as comfortable as possible. Washers, dryers, all appliances, cookware, etc. WhyHotel has done the homework.

Honestly, we like the idea. That being said, we really, really love hotel beds and pillows. So, if WhyHotel keeps the hotel beds while creating this community/neighbourhood vibe, then we’re all for it!

WhyHotel Pop-Up in collaboration with AvalonBay Communities

Where: 210 Wall St (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)
When: Opening in September (exact date TBA)

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