Weed delivery drones are on the horizon in Seattle

Via Supply Chain Blog

That was probably one of our more clever titles, so we hope you appreciated it. If you appreciate weed, this is a big day for you! Pot delivery drones are (probably) coming to Seattle. Oh boy, this is some 2020 stuff.

Seattle-based GRN Holdings has announced plans to launch a drone service in February or March in the greater Seattle area. The service will start small with a fleet of six drones to deliver cannabis products from wholesalers, growers, and processors to dispensaries. So don’t worry, the sky won’t be overrun with drones just yet.

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If you’re wondering how the heck this is possible, each drone equipped is with an iPad and software to allow tracking and the required “CannaTrac payment system.” Sounds official, very official. You’re also probably wondering how much these drones can carry, and that answer is 90 pounds. That’s a lot of pot. That’s like a large dog worth of pot. Or all we’re able to squat.

You’re probably wondering what benefits this service provides, other than making users happy. And there are a few! Basically, it means fewer delivery vans on the road and a lower carbon footprint. Also, it’s cheaper to operate drones than employ humans. Automation is really cute.

We’ll wait to see how long it takes for somebody to hack one of these things and become an air pirate. That person could be you.