Walk, don’t run, Goodwill is open again for donations!

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Ok, Seattle we don’t know about you but we sure have been doing a lot of Marie Kondo-ing around the house. And that’s left us with bags worth of things that we would love to donate. So if you’re in the same boat, we have some good news. Select Seattle Goodwill stores are now open for donations!

Yes, we too have really missed Goodwill. And we wish we hadn’t taken the Goodwill trip days for granted. But anyway, now we’re doing our part to contribute to our favorite thrift store. And we should mention, donating to Goodwill is quite different now.

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So for the time being Goodwill is not taking furniture. Similarly, you need to organize all of the items you donate by category. For example, shoes, clothes, and electronics. So that means no more throwing it all in one bag. But this is actually great because Goodwill is now sanitizing items. Additionally, you need to practice social distancing when donating.

And we feel like we shouldn’t have to say this but we will. If you or someone in your home has had or been exposed to COVID-19 do not donate items. We get that everyone loves to reduce, reuse, and recycle but not when you could be spreading Coronavirus.

So now that we got that out there, click here to learn where and when you can donate your items.