The UW Business School ranks as one of the best in the world

Photo via @uofwa Instagram

It’s a good day for the UW business school, since its MBA program has been named one of the world’s best by The Economist. . The Foster School of Business landed in the 20th spot, right after MIT. It’s not a bad spot to place at all, we think.

The Foster School of Business has been a part of UW for over a century, having been established in 1917. Some of the notable alumni include Bruce Nordstrom and the CEO of Alaska Airlines, William S. Ayer.

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The schools were evaluated on a variety of metrics. The Economist focused on career opportunities, educational experience, potential salary and networking opportunities to determine the list. Basically, all the important stuff when it comes to business.

According to The Economist, the top three business schools in the world are at the University of Chicago, Harvard and HEC Paris. The first two are no surprise, but we’ve never heard of HEC Paris before. Well, the more you know, we guess.

You can read the full report right here.

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