The Seattle Seahawks are the only NFL team with no COVID-19 positive players

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Seattle as a whole might not be handling COVID-19 super well right now but our football team sure is. In fact, the Seattle Seahawks is the only team in the NFL that doesn’t have any positive COVID-19 cases. So let’s give a round of applause for the good old Seahawks.

The team has been able to do this by adhering to their own strict set of rules. Which has gotten even stricter since Washington cracked down on its COVID-19 restrictions this month. And some of those rules include players spaced 10 feet apart at practice, practicing in their largest indoor space, and post-play tapes via Zoom.

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Plus the Seahawks have made not getting COVID-19 part of their competition. And if there’s anything our home team has, it’s self-discipline and grit. Maybe Seattle should take some cues, after all, it could help flatten our curve. Just a thought.

If you’d like to learn more about what the Seattle Seahawks are doing to avoid COVID-19 you can click here. And we think this is a good excuse for all of us to be a little more like the home team. So with that in mind, keep up on the social distancing, hand washing, mask-wearing, and only go out when it’s necessary.