The Seattle forecast is giving us some serious heat this weekend

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The Seattle forecast has truly been blessing us for the past few weeks. And luckily this weekend won’t be any different. Because we’ll be getting tons of sun and some pretty perfect temperatures. So get ready to enjoy Seattle in one of it’s best months.

To start off the weekend, Friday is going to give us temperatures in the mid-70s and some nice steady sun. And then on Saturday things will pick up with temperatures rising into the high 70s. So while that’s all fine and dandy, the heat doesn’t end there. In fact, Sunday is going to rise into the low 90s.

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And personally, that’s a bit toasty for us. But we know a lot of you are craving a little heatwave. So for you guys, we’re happy. But you’ll definitely catch us staying inside on Sunday. Because well, we just can’t really handle the heat.

As always, you can see more of the Seattle forecast by clicking here. And we hope that you guys enjoy another beautiful weekend in Seattle. But don’t forget your SPF and remember to hydrate! We’ll catch you all back here next week.