The iconic Pike Place Market newsstand is shutting down

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We must sadly bring you the news that the Pike Place Market newsstand will be closing on December 31st for good. First and Pike News has been a cornerstone of the market for 40 years, but the owner says that it’s time to pack up.

Is it ironic that a digital publication is lamenting the loss of a brick and mortar newsstand? Yes and no. On the one hand, we can’t help but feel a little guilty for being a part of the digital wave. On the other hand, we recognize the value of traditional media and want to coexist with it.

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But we digress. Lee Laukhart, the owner of First and Pike News, has been by himself in the stand for close to two decades since his former business partner left. In addition to the whole ‘nobody buys newspapers’ trend, Laukhart also mentioned that the $15 minimum wage prevented him from drawing a salary.

But he’s not upset about it, stating that he knows “what it takes for people to live in Seattle” and that he’d “rather be a supporter” of Seattle residents.

Well, we think you should support him. Head down there and pick up a magazine before he closes shop for good.

First and Pike News

When: Closes permanently on December 31st
Where: Pike Place Market

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