The baby gorilla at The Woodland Park Zoo was badly injured last weekend

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Well hello, Seattle. When was the last time you went to the zoo? In case you didn’t know, The Woodland Park Zoo has a super cute baby gorilla named Kitoko. But sadly the little fella was badly injured on Saturday when his family members had a skirmish. However, Zoo Keepers and surgeons alike have high hopes for his full recovery.

On Saturday, Kitokos family got a little restless, after all, being in a cage will do that to you. And we all know that after these past few months. But anyway, being restless led to fighting. And somewhere in there, Kitoko got a nasty bite on the head. In fact that bite was hard enough that it fractured Kitokos skull.

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So a team of pediatric neurosurgery experts from Children’s Hospital checked him out. And they decided that surgery was necessary. So little Kitoko went under the knife and is now doing pretty well. Obviously Zookeepers will have to keep watching him to make sure there are no complications.

But The Woodland Park Zoo thinks a full recovery is possible. So for the time being, Kitoko and his mother and father will all get to hang together away from the rest of the fam. Because we all know how crazy family can make us.

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