Seattle, you can now vote right from your smartphone

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Let’s be real here, people say that voting is an easy and breezy process, but it’s not always that way. Finding the time to sit down and fill out a ballot online or in-person can be a little sticky depending how your day is going. But with more important elections approaching, the voting game in Seattle is changing forever with smartphone voting.

Our King County has announced that it’s implementing smartphone voting for an upcoming board of supervisors election. It’s a small step for a smaller election, but it’s definitely a great step in making voting more accessible.

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This program is possible thanks to a collaboration between King County Elections, the county’s conservation district, mobile-voting nonprofit Tusk Philanthropies, the National Cybersecurity Center, and Democracy Live. The last is a technology firm that develops electronic balloting. So you can see that bringing this to life was not a simple process!

But is this all rainbows and butterflies? The answer is no. This form of voting still faces major security risks much like any other form of online activity. Due to the security risks associated with it, it’s not looking like this will be expanded to statewide or national elections. At least not until techonology makes some big leaps and bounds.

Oh well, one can dream. One small step for voting in Seattle, one big step for humankind- or whatever the quote is. And before we sign off here, remember to vote!