Seattle weather is going to be pretty much perfect this week

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Well, folks, Seattle weather is back at it again with some last-minute changes. But that being said, it’s still looking like this week is going to be pretty dang nice. So while the sun isn’t blazing, we have no complaints.

To start off the week we’re looking at a cloudy Monday and Tuesday with some sun peeking through. And Wednesday will be about the same but with a tad more sun. Then on Thursday and Friday, you can expect temperatures around 70 and some nice sun.

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So you know we’ll take the clouds and some sun because balance is important. And honestly, we’re loving this high 60s/low 70s weather. It’s the perfect temperature for getting out of the house without turning into a swamp monster.

And if you’d like to see more of what Seattle weather has in store, you can click here. Because we all know that the weather here likes to change frequently, but we’re used to it. Anyway, have a great week folks and we’ll catch you this weekend!