Seattle is getting scooter sharing…soon-ish

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The first city in America to get bike sharing is now considering adopting scooters as well. Mayor Jenny Durkan has said that the city will be looking into scooters over the coming months. But, they’ve got a couple of kinks to work out first.

The first issue is the safety of the riders themselves. E-scooters fly at up to 20mph but aren’t the best at dealing with rough roads or potholes. A study done by the CDC found that roughly half of all scooter accidents include head injuries. Furthermore, 15% of those were considered ‘traumatic’. We don’t like those odds, frankly.

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Next up is the idea that scooters could replace bike sharing instead of complimenting them. But, this seems unlikely to us, since scooters are on average more expensive to use than bikes. We’re cheapskates at Curiocity, and like the idea that we’re getting the most bang for our buck.

Finally, the city itself doesn’t want to be the defendant in any lawsuits involving scooter use. Since it’s the city that regulates public transit, they’d be on the hook instead of the companies that operate in the city. Creating contracts that recognize this potential problem will take some time.

Our take? Of course, bring scooters to Seattle and see what happens. With proper safety regulations, competitive pricing, and no fear about compensation if something bad does happen, we’re all for it.

You can read Mayor Durkan’s open letter regarding e-scooters here.

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