Seattle is getting another HQ2 from Silicon Valley

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Despite all the backlash from Amazon’s disastrous HQ2 plans, Seattle is still a hot target for Silicon Valley heavyweights. Salesforce, the multi-billion dollar company that just bought the local data visualization company for nearly $16B, is going to set up its second most major shop right here in Seattle. After the acquisition, Salesforce announced that they’d treat Seattle like a second headquarters.

Is this good news? Kinda. Is this bad news? Also, kinda. So far, we’ve seen what can happen when multi-national corporations are able to put a stranglehold on our city’s socio-economic standing. That being said, a new and generally natural (by late-stage capitalism standards) competitor has emerged.

What is Salesforce

So, what is Salesforce? Well, it’s a technology that relies mostly on Customer relationship management. It’s like a really, REALLY good receptionist, assistant, data analyst, and statistics reporter rolled into one. Oh, and it’s a computer program. Not having to interact with other humans is a bonus, apparently. Actually, we kinda feel that.

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Why does Seattle Care about Salesforce?

Do we think Salesforce making Seattle it’s HQ2 will be a good thing? Not really. We are, however, carrying a very slim stick of optimism with us at the moment. Let’s examine the stick we’re carrying. Firstly, it will be a yardstick to measure Salesforce’s contribution to Seattle. Secondly, it will be a cane for us to beat ourselves over the back with for ever believing the big-wigs would ever change their ways.

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Finally, Seattle is already home to Amazon, Starbucks, and Nordstrom. We don’t need more corporate fingers in our PNW pie. But hey, they treat this slice of heaven right and we’re just fine. Welcome, Salesforce. Don’t turn our wonderful city into a money-hungry cesspool. Please and thank you.

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