Reminder: There is an economic blackout today in solidarity with BLM

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Hey, folks, we wanted to quickly remind you that there is an economic blackout happening today. So if you’re just hearing about this be sure to keep reading to find out all the details. Because we have you covered.

Basically, the goal today is to not spend any money. And if you do spend money, spend that money at Black-owned businesses. Because if there’s anything that we’ve learned from being Americans, it’s that money (or a lack of it) talks. And this is just one more way of protesting our country’s treatment of Black people.

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This blackout is in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement. And “Black people account for 1.2 trillion in annual us spending” as reported by Black Out Day. So by just one day of all of us not spending, we can have a huge impact on the economy.

So we sincerely hope that you will take place in today’s economic blackout. And if you’d like to learn more you can click here or on the post above. Additionally, be sure to lookup more blackout days that will be coming up in the near future. So with that have a great day and keep fighting the good fight.

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