Mount Baker Beach is officially reopening tomorrow!

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Well, Seattle we have some good news to help you end your week on a high note. And that is that Mount Baker Beach is officially reopening tomorrow! So you can return to this classic spot for all your swimming and relaxing needs.

And like other swimming beaches, Mount Baker Beach will have lifeguards. But be sure to check the schedule so that lifeguards will be present when you visit the beach. And if this doesn’t cut it for you, Madison, Magnuson, West Green Lake, and Pritchard beaches are also open.

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So if you’ve yet to take a swim this summer, this weekend might just be the time to do so. After all, it’s going to be beautiful out there and pretty hot. So be sure to cool off in one of our city’s many bodies of water.

If you’d like to learn more about beach hours you can click here. And of course, if you go please bring your masks and be sure to distance yourself from others. Not to mention, if you’re feeling unwell stay home. And with all that in mind, have a great weekend and enjoy the beach!