#MakeAJoyfulNoise applauds Seattle’s healthcare workers

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Hey, Seattle we’re here to cap off this week with a heartwarming story. Last night at 8 pm, thousands of people around Seattle participated in #MakeAJoyfulNoise. This campaign’s goal is to applaud Seattle’s medical care workers. After all, they’re the ones who are working around the clock to keep us healthy and safe.

And it’s probably the only time when your neighbors will be happy to hear you making a racket. That being said, we hope this campaign becomes a daily occurrence as it has in many other cities around the world including Vancouver, BC. Plus we’re known for having one of the loudest fan bases in the world so we might as well put our pipes to good use.

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So while we’re not sure if this is going to become a daily, or weekly thing, try giving a cheer out your window at 8 pm. It can’t hurt. And if you’d like to see what other Seattlites are doing to spread cheer be sure to follow and use the hashtags #MakeAJoyfulNoise and #SeattleTogether.

If anything, these posts might bring you joy if you’re feeling down in the dumps about being stuck at home. And while times are hard, remember this will come to an end. So that being said, continue to stay at home and support our local and global medical care workers.

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