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Let’s face facts- you can only watch so many shows on Netflix before you start wondering what’s real and what isn’t anymore. We suggest you avoid that feeling, and we’ve got the perfect way to do it. Say hello to Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs.

Basically, over a decade ago a couple of schools thought to themselves- “Hey, what if we take the materials we teach to freshmen and sophomores, and just put them online, for free?” At least, that’s how we interpret the situation. Plus, you get to avoid the usual downfalls of school.

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And now, look at what we’ve got. Harvard, MIT, Yale… and many more, all offering basically full Ivy-League quality classes for free, complete with video lectures and PowerPoint notes. You might have to buy a textbook or two, but honestly, we recommend just going through the notes and saving your money.

Because it’s not like you’re going to get credit for it anyway. But let’s say you’re interested in, oh we don’t know, an economics course taught during the 2008 financial crash? Or maybe The Global Problems of Population Growth?

Remember folks, knowledge is a currency in and of itself. Yay for free, online courses!

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