Here’s what Seattle gyms will look like during Phase 2

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With all Seattle gyms closed we’re guessing that working out isn’t as much of a priority. However, gyms are a part of Phase 2 of reopening the city. So if you’re ready to get back to pumping iron, keep reading to see what the future of Seattle gyms looks like.

As you may have guessed, staff will have to wear protective clothing. And this means masks, gloves, and shields. Additionally, they will have to stay 6 feet away from others at all times. And the rules are pretty much the same for those attending the gym. So yes, that means you need to wear a mask while working out.

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So if you are expecting to go back to using machinery or weights we’re sorry to tell you that won’t be happening just yet. For the time being, gyms are only allowed one on one sessions and group classes under 5. So it will be a pretty limited gym experience at best but that’s to be expected for now.

And if this doesn’t fly for you, maybe consider continuing to or just starting to workout at home. After all, there are tons of workouts available online. And you might find that it suits your needs better. Or maybe you just really miss the gym, that’s okay too. If you’d like to learn more about Phase 2 and Seattle gyms, click here.

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