Healthy Washington phase 1 starts today – here is what to know

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Well folks it’s official, all regions of Washington are beginning phase 1 of the new Healthy Washington reopening plan. But with COVID-19 plans and news changing seemingly daily, what does that mean for you? Well, we’re here to tell you.

Basically, things are pretty much going to stay as they are. That means indoor dining is still out of the picture. And retail and professional services are available up to 25% capacity. But what is different is that you can expect to see very limited capacity at gyms and entertainment venues.

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When we say limited, we mean limited. Because gyms will now operate on appointment-based sessions under 45 minutes with no more than one person per 500-square-feet of space. So gym culture is definitely going to be getting a big revamp in 2021.

But, you can look forward to private tours for individual households of 6 or fewer people at indoor venues. Honestly, we’re not sure that many indoor venues will be opening their doors for private tours. After all, there’s very little revenue to be made off of that and revenue is what businesses need to stay open.

So the best thing you can do is continue to stay home, wear a mask, and social distance. If you’d like more info on Healthy Washington you can click here.