Heads up, Seattle voters! You’ll soon get $100 democracy vouchers in the mail

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Keep an eye out Seattleites because you’re about to get $100 in your mailbox from The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission. But before you get too excited, this money is allotted for participating candidates in city elections. That’s right, it’s your job to donate that money back to future City of Seattle officials.

If you’re wondering why this is happening it’s because it’s part of a 2015 property tax. So each eligible resident will receive four $25 vouchers to support whoever they’d like. And you can either decide your donations to multiple candidates or give them all to one. But you should keep in mind whoever you donate to is public information.

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So while this program is a bit random, it gives Seattleites one more way to support the future of the city. After all, it’s no secret that campaigns are expensive and the voucher program gives $6.8 million to future official’s campaigns. So your voucher can help support the future Seattle mayor, city attorney, and more positions.

If you’d like to learn more about the vouchers from The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission you can click here. And we hope this is the start of the city allocating funds to more useful measures. We can hope, right?