Governor Jay Inslee orders Washingtonians to stay home

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So as you may or may not know, now we actually have to stay at home. For real, it’s a law now. Governor Jay Inslee has issued a ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order and we’re here today to break down the details on what that means.

Basically, it means that you have to stay home. This means no more hanging out with your friends even though you’re all “healthy”. And no more going to businesses that may have been breaking the previous gathering laws. The only allowed exception for leaving the home is if you are pursuing an essential activity. These activities include grocery shopping, doctors appointments, and essential work duties. Capiche?

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So this may leave you wondering “what can I do”? And the answer is you can still do a fair amount. You can still go for walks, a bike ride, garden or whatever other distanced outdoor activity you enjoy. However, that being said, by law you must remain six feet away from everyone at all times.

And if you’re wondering about essential businesses, they include grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, and restaurants. So you should continue supporting your local restaurants by getting take out or delivery. Jay Inslee still wants you to have your tacos.

And while these mandates are enforceable by law, it’s about protecting one another. So with that being said, stay 6 feet away and keep on with your day. We’re all going to have to get creative with entertaining ourselves at home and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Stay strong Seattle.

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