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Check out Bon Voyage, one of the coolest vintage shops in Seattle

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Bon Voyage, Target. We’re shopping vintage from now on. Kidding, we love you and we’ll never leave you. Although, we’re really into Bon Voyage Vintage right now, and could you blame us? This is a goldmine of amazing finds, and we’re willing to fight you for the best of it. You’ve been warned.

When you walk into this place, you’re going to be lightly assaulted on the eyes (in a good way) by more colors, patterns, and knick-knacks than you’ve seen. Browse through retro clothing and accessories, or let the lovely staff, Keith and Meg, help you pick out something to add to your closet.

bon voyage vintage outside


The inventory spans quite a few decades, so you’re set no matter what your style is. Although, we’re not 100% sold on the shoulder pads yet. We just can’t really pull them off, ya know? Might have to stick with vintage jeans and cool t-shirts, because we’re boring like that.

Although, if you’re not boring, you’re going to love their selection of slightly off the wall stuff. Old prom gowns, bell-bottom jeans, statement accessories- if you’re wanting to stand out, they’ll find you just the piece.


However, it’s still worth a stop in if you’re not super into the vintage thing. There are some great new finds from local designers and artists, so you can blend a little past and present together in your aesthetic.

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more stuff

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Curated vintage and local new finds, run by the nicest couple you’ll probably ever meet, and if you’re lucky you’ll run into their dog. We gotta admit, Target doesn’t have any of that.

Go check out Bon Voyage, we think you’ll be looking pretty dang cool afterwards!


Where: 110 S Washington St