A new economic initiative has been penned for Cascadia

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Leaders from Washington State, Oregon and Vancouver have announced a new economic growth strategy for the Cascadia Corridor. The new Cascadia Economic Opportunity Initiative will continue to try and strengthen the region. Here’s a quick rundown of what that means.

While the partnership is not legally binding, it does highlight a commitment to grow the Cascadia Corridor through a variety of initiatives. And boy, is it ever a variety.

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The most notable is the proposed high-speed rail connecting Seattle and Vancouver. However, other initiatives include research partnerships to combat cancer, supporting a ‘quantum-fluent’ workforce, and expanding seaplane services. Now, the real question is, which city will become the other’s suburb in 50 years?

The overall goal of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference was to envision what life in the region might look like in 2035. A variety of speakers ranging from the president of Microsoft and the CEO of Boeing took the stage to share their views.

We’re now accepting bets on how long it will take for local government parties to try and create a unique economic zone. We will let people parlay California getting in on the action too. Come on, you know it’s only a matter of time before it happens.

You can read the full press release here.

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